Value based
Human Resources Services

The Mentor, Vasant Kamat’s vision is to bring back the human touch in the human resources industry by improving the values of HR processes/personnel from inside out in organizations.

Thought Process Leading to Mission Statement of Vasant Vision Group

While Vasant wishes to create, guide and steer the organization for HR process quality improvement through value based services, he also wants to contribute his bit towards the society in ways not many think of.
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End-to-End Tailored HR Consultancy Services

We’ve kept our primary focus on customised HR system design, training, selective placements, research, publication and related HR activities under Vasant’s able guidance.


Human Resources Statutory Compliances

Imparting advisory services that ensure compliance with statutory regulations such as labor laws, statutory compliances, maintenance of registers, licensing, government inspections, etc.


Generating Financial Assistance for Needy

Give and help generate financial assistance for education and sustenance of the needy by enforcing corporate social responsibility (CSR) activities by organizations.


Practical Life Values Training and Counselling

Training and counselling youngsters to lead a confident life without resorting to runaways, self-harm, suicides, etc. due to conflicts with parents, seniors or society.


Development through Constructive Resistance

Strive to use constructive resistance in the form of useful suggestions, feedback in the existing HR processes to bring in changes as an evolving process.


Propagating Strong Human Values & Learning

Developing good will for India globally by propagating strong human values and learning. This and lot more from Vasant Vision Group’s visionary Vasant Kamat.

Vasant Vision Group - Working to Make a Difference

People Focus is our Business, because the power of an organization is in its people.

We Believe
Great things happen when you focus on people as much as you do on results.

We believe in being results-focused with a people-focused mentality, because it is in this potent combination that Vasant Vision Group is able to deliver prudent solutions which are a win-win for your organization and the society.